• New Children's lesson series starts on September 18 at 10:00am. Bring your Children to catch the submarine before it dives deep into the truth of God's world!

  • 特别通知

    亲爱的弟兄姊妹,平安!从2021年8月8日开始,中文主日崇拜将于每周日早上10:00,通过教会实体聚集与线上Teams直播同步进行。各位弟兄姊妹可到教会参加实体敬拜,或通过点击以下链接观看直播。线上参与的弟兄姊妹,请大家在9:50 进入直播,以免网络以及设备问题影响崇拜。也请大家为我们的崇拜祷告。愿神悦纳我们的敬拜。点击进入主日敬拜Teams直播。
    新冠肺炎泛滥,我们如何可以帮助社区抗疫呢?教会提供了一些信息和建议:信息文档。如果通过教会奉献,大家可以使用Zelle奉献给letreasury@gmail.com,也可以使用教会的信用卡奉献网页: https://lakeeast.square.site.

    Special Announcement

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,From Aug 08, 2021, English worship service would be onsite at the church and online live on Teams at 11:30am Sunday morning. You can come to the church to join the physical gathering, or watch the live broadcast by clicking the link below. For online participants, please join us at 11:20am. This is to avoid network and equipment problems that may affect worship. Please also keep the worship in your prayers. Click to Enter Sunday Worship Teams Broadcasting.
    English Sunday school starts at 10:00am. Below are Sunday school classes. COVID-19 is affecting our community. How can we help the community to handle and conquer it? Our church has provided some information and a set of suggestions: information doc. If you wish to make a financial offer through the church, you can use Zelle to pay to letreasury@gmail.com or use church credit card offering page:https://lakeeast.square.site.

    湖東基督教會是一間位於華盛頓州Kirkland市Bridle Trails社區的基督教會。教會在116h Ave邊上,離 Bridle Trails State Park, Bridlewood Stables, 和一個大的 Park and Ride 都是步行的路程。教會也靠近I-405的17號入口處。 www.ilovekirkland.org

    Lake East Christian Church (LECC), Kirkland, WA is a neighborhood church located in the Bridle Trails neighborhood of Kirkland. The church is right off 116th Ave and is within walking distance of Bridle Trails State Park, Bridlewood Stables, and a large parking ride. The church is also near freeway access to I-405.

    湖東教會從1993年開始為社區服務。教會提供英文和中文崇拜,每周日上午10:00-11:15提供中文普通話服事,11:30-12:30提供英文服事。湖東教會通過週末的服事,禱告會,和各個團契的活動為社區提供關係建立,彼此扶持,和負擔分享等等。 www.ilovekirkland.org 各個團契週五或週六晚上有查經活動。教會有一個比較大的像校舍一樣的房子,前面有一個大的停車場,還有一個籃球場,和一個小孩子的小玩樂場。

    LECC has been serving the community since 1993. The church provides a place of worship for English and Mandarin speaking communities. On Sunday, Chinese service is at 10:00-11:15am and English service is at 11:30-12:30pm. The community at Lake East Church believes in building relationships, supporting, and sharing burdens with each other through the weekend service, prayer meetings, and different fellowship groups. Fellowship groups take place on Friday and Saturday evenings. The church is a nice large building, that somewhat resembles a school house. The facility has a large parking lot with a basketball court and small play area for children.


    This is truly a community devoted to Christian fellowship. LECC defines fellowship as: an association of people who share common beliefs and activities. Together, the church community seeks to experience the presence of God, to find strength and direction in life, and inner peace. These goals are achieved through worship and shared activities.